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Stats of a 2 year old girl February 9, 2010

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They say that you can tell how tall your child will be if you double their height when they are two. Unfortunately that is a crock. I did not end up being 5’9″ so I do not want to predict that Sarah will be 5’11”. But she’s awfully big for her age! Here are her stats …

Height – 35.5″ >98th percentile

Weight – 34lbs >98th percentile

Christopher’s stats were:

Weight – 31.3lbs

Height – 35.5 inches

Head – 19.75 inches

So she and Christopher have the same 2 year old height but she has a couple of pounds on him.

My stats at 2 were:

Height – 34.75″

Weight – 29.5lbs

She got out of having shots today because she has a minor ear infection. Since she had the fever a week ago (we didn’t know why), she’s probably on the mend and won’t need antibiotics.

Naturally she charmed the doctor. She’s very friendly. Christopher stole the show by spelling his name for the doc. Very impressive since his name is 11 letters long!