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Henna March 5, 2010

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I forgot how much I don’t like putting henna in my hair. I have this thing about gloppy stuff. And before I stopped henna-ing my hair I was spoiled because I only had to do the parts of my hair that just grew in … I suppose that’s something like a “fill”? Today I had to do all of my dang hair! I guess I need to take a picture. Now you may be thinking that I was trying to colour the grey. Well no. I was trying to get the brown to be a more interesting colour. Over the last 15 years or so the brown in my hair became very drab. I didn’t like chemical colour and when I was introduced to henna I was hooked! Not only does henna make the drab brown more of a chestnut but it makes my hair so soft. I didn’t realise how wonderful the texture was until my hair grew out after having Christopher. I kept talking about henna but not getting any.  Jonah bought me henna for my birthday two years ago and it’s taken me this long to get around to using it (sorry Jonah!) In my defense it is something that has to be planned for and with two small children this can be difficult. All in all it is a process that takes over 4 hours where you can’t leave the house without serious risk of embarassing yourself. Not only do you have to wear old clothes that could be already stained with prior henna drop stains but you have plastic wrap on your head. It is not a pretty sight.

(10 minutes later) Ok, Thomas took a picture of my hair and here it is …

Liz's Hair