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Sitting on the front porch June 15, 2010

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I am currently sitting on the front porch while Sarah plays in the sandbox and Christopher runs loose in the house. Wait, I kid, he just came outside. I am typing this on my phone.

It should only get up to 62 degrees today and this should help everyone’s allergies!!! For those of you who have never visited the southern Willamette Valley in June have never truly lived in allergy hell … provided you are allergic to grass! Oy!

School will be out on Thursday but I enrolled Christopher in “summer school” which is just two weeks of three days each. He loves the social and learning aspect of school and mom offered to pay for it! Thanks mom! Then we need to figure out what to do for July and August.

Well, as expected, with the two kids playing out here I have to go referee.

[edited to add] Damn and double damn, writing this stupid post from my phone just put it in my drafts. I had to come online and actually post it, so it’s posted a day and a half after I wrote it.


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  1. Mary Says:

    Don’t forget about Safety Town! That’s in July.
    Scroll down for the info and download. All three of my kids went to Safety Town.

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