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Walking makes me sweat August 31, 2011

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But if you keep up with me on Facebook you already know that. I am walking with a co-worker … uh at work … duh. From the front of our building to the street, up to the crosswalk, across the street, and then down to the freeway overpass is a mile. That’s what we did on the first day (last Tuesday). Every day we add a tiny bit to that.

We didn’t walk yesterday. I was an hour late to work and she was slammed with work. I felt a tiny bit guilty (only a tiny bit). Today she was still slammed with work. I could have bailed … but I didn’t. I didn’t ‘want’ to walk but I ‘need’ to walk. I need to walk because … damn … I need to lose some weight! I’m not talking about some vanity 10 or 20 pounds. I need to lose 100 pounds! But beside that I said I was going to walk Monday through Friday. And I want to do it even if I have to walk alone. Am I going to walk on principle or am I going to walk when it feels good? I’m still trying to figure out what I am going to do when it’s raining though.

Things I need to remember when I want to weenie out … walking makes me feel better. My foot hurts way less, probably from the retained water I peed out last weekend. I lost 3 pounds last week. Again from all of that peeing. Walking apparently is good for getting rid of retained water. I’m not as hungry after I walk. My kids need a healthy mommy.

Changing the subject entirely … school starts for Christopher next Wednesday. He’s going to be a First Grader! He is such a boy now and it is so awesome to see him grow and learn. Since Micah is a senior now, he doesn’t have to start until next Friday but he had to register yesterday and play at a football game this Friday. High school has no respect for the Labor Day weekend! And so I don’t get into trouble for not mentioning Sarah … she’s just freakin’ adorable! She was telling me about her imaginary friends and where they lived. One lives on a hill, one lives on a street and I forget where the third one lives.

In the time it took to write this I think I finally stopped sweating …