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05/31/08 Nap Time May 31, 2008

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This is Sarah napping on her cousin’s pillow. Her Auntie Paula was successful in getting her to go to sleep after a very action packed morning on Memorial Day.

We drove to California last Friday for Thomas’ grandfather’s 94th birthday party given by Thomas’ mom. A few years ago we told Grandpa that if keeps having birthdays we’ll keep coming down for them. So 12 hours in the car going down and 12 hours in the car going home. Gah! However it was worth it. Sarah and Christopher got to see their aunts, uncle and a myriad of cousins. We also got to see a few of my cousins, Thomas’ dad and stepmom too. I always wish our trips are longer so I can make it further south to see my friends.

I feel like I should take notes of things I want to blog about because by the time I get around to sitting at the computer to write I have completely forgotten what I wanted to say.

Thomas and Micah are getting their hair cut. Jonah is out being a teenager. Christopher, Sarah and I are hanging out at home. It’s getting to be lunch time then nap time (maybe for both Christopher and me).


05/29/08 Conversation with a 2 year old May 29, 2008

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C: Mommy what you doing?

Me: I am driving. What are you doing?

C: I am sitting, not driving.


05/16/08 – Errata May 16, 2008

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I can’t believe it’s been 3 1/2 weeks since I wrote a blog entry! Going back to work really has put a crimp in doing a lot of things … writing in my blog, cooking, laundry, sleeping.

Sunday is Sarah’s baptism. Mary is going to be her god mother and Jonah is going to be her god father. Butch and Lynne are driving up as I type. They are Christopher’s god parents. I know I am not Catholic but it makes me comfortable having these ceremonies in life. I am not comfortable in my own Judiasm to have had a bris for Christopher (we just had the pediatrician do it). Both of my children will be raised in a caring religious community. The religious director at church is a really nice lady who loves children and cares about the kids getting religious training in a fun way. She’s also ok with the fact that I’m Jewish. I like the church we go to because it doesn’t look like a church. The building is octagonal (I think – I never really bother to count the sides) and 4 or 5 of the sides are glass and look out onto 14 acres of nature. The cross isn’t even in the building, it’s outside in a lovely flower and rock garden. It is a very welcoming space.

I know I have only been back to work for three weeks but I really miss the being creatively inspired by the cooking shows and actually cooking. I have no energy for cooking and it really bums me out. As a matter of fact, I don’t even know what we are going to have for dinner tonight. Nothing is thawed. It’s also probably 90 degrees outside and that doesn’t make for a fun time in the kitchen … even if we do have air conditioning. According to Rosa Lee on KFOG it is sweltering in San Francisco. So the entire west coast must be having a heat wave. Wait, I did cook … last Sunday for Mother’s Day. I made two quiches. The rest we bought at Costco. We’ll probably get food for after the baptism at Costco. I love Costco.

We had our carpets cleaned yesterday thanks to my mother-in-law. She wants our house to look nice for Butch & Lynne, even more than I do. That and she has free time. They look so clean now! I don’t want anyone to walk on the carpets now, not even with bare feet. We’ll just have to live in the dining room and kitchen.