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Sarah’s 18 month old stats August 14, 2009

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We took Sarah to the doctor for her 18 month check up. Her stats smoke Christopher’s from when he was 18 months old!

Height 35.5″ up 4″ in 6 months
Weight 31.2lbs up 3.4lbs in 6 months
Head Circumference 19.5″ up .75″ in 6 months

All measurements put her in the “greater than” 97th percentile. At the same age, Christopher’s were:

Height: 33″
Weight: 27lbs

Those measurements for a boy were in the 50th percentile. Sarah is probably going to wind up much taller than Christopher and I will end up being the shortest person in the house. I would say “in my family” but that prize goes to my sister ;-Þ

[edited to add] I found my stats at 1 year 8 months …

Height: 33″
Weight: 28lbs

For those of you who live in this area, there’s a BSG party at the Starlight Lounge on Olive St. The Scandinavian Festival is this weekend. The Lane County Fair starts on Tuesday. Oh, and we’re getting up early tomorrow for door buster savings at JC Penney’s!

Have a great weekend everyone!


I’m a soccer mom, look out! August 12, 2009

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I am officially a soccer mom. I now drive a mommy van and my kid plays soccer. I think Julie is laughing her ass off right about now too. Less than ten years ago I was carefree, single, driver of a … well a four door sedan. Hey all of my friends were over 30 and it was hard for them to cram into a Celica! I must admit that it is nice to be able to hold the entire family (and associated stuff) in one vehicle. However, I keep calling it a “car” and Christopher keeps correcting me that it’s a “van”. You know in that condescending tone only a four year old can do. Nice … thanks kid! I really wouldn’t mind a pair of Birkenstocks though.

This is sort of a non-sequiter … the famous bloggers I read say that they don’t read their blog stats, it either inflates their egos or totally depresses them. On the Wordpad dashboard it has the stats and I like to check them out. Hey, yesterday THREE people read my blog! And a couple of weeks ago EIGHT people read it! And about a month ago THIRTY TWO people read it!!! I didn’t think I knew 32 people who cared about what I write.

So who knows where to get those cool stick figure stickers that I can put on the rear window of my mommy van???