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03/30/08 March 30, 1979 March 30, 2008

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There are only three of you who read this blog who knew me on this date. Sadly this is the date that my father passed away. It has been 29 years since he died. So I am giving my dad a moment of silence to honour him.

[ … ]

My sister posted a picture of him on her blog. I need to scan one in and post it here. I have very few pictures of me and my family when I was a kids. I have a couple of 8 x 10’s that were taken by the SF Fire Department at some official events.


03/28/08 Things I love … March 28, 2008

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Post it Notes of any shape or size

Pens, especially good writing pens

Fancy paper


Books, especially Cookbooks

Office Supplies in general

Kitchen utensils, especially in a big kitchen utensil store

Socks to wear around the house, I’m not really a fan of having to wear socks with shoes

Flat shoes to wear in summer that you hardly notice on your feet

Seedlings of vegetables and herbs that are ready to plant (it’s besides the point that I would probably kill them)

Words like Bruschetta and Gruyere, they make me feel so food snobbish

Now you may notice that I didn’t put things like “my husband” or “Christopher hugs”. I was really referring to things, not people. Besides everyone loves those things 🙂 These are odd things that relate only to me (well other people may like them too.)


03/27/08 Mommy I Made Yellow March 27, 2008

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He doesn’t pee in the potty, he makes yellow. He is so proud when he does it. It’s not something he does on his own, but we put him on his potty when he gets up and before he goes to bed and he can usually go a little. His daycare provider also will put him on the potty. I’d say he does about 20% of his peeing on the potty. It doesn’t save us any diapers but it makes him and his daddy very happy.

This morning he made a lot of yellow. We were all proud 🙂


03/25/08 The Wiggles and return of the MIL March 25, 2008

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Christopher and I had a Mommy and Me date on Sunday. We went to see the Wiggles in concert. Now why would we go on Easter? Because that was the only day they were here and they’ll probably never be back to Eugene until he’s 15. It was expensive and not something I would have done for myself but … I have no good excuse but we thought he’d love it and it was our only opportunity. Kids have about a 2 year window of tolerating the Wiggles and this was it for us. I think he had a good time. He was totally overwhelmed when we got to the Hult Centre. He was ok walking up the stairs to the Mezzanine, but once we walked through the doors into the theatre he had a breakdown. It was sort of dark and he was scared. So I had to carry him (all 35+ pounds of him) to our seats. Thankfully after about 10 feet you could see the lights of the stage and that did calm him down. He sat in his seat for 15 minutes just taking in the whole theatre. Once the performance started I put him on my lap so he could see over the side (we were in the first row) and he stayed there for the first hour. After an hour he finally got the courage to get down and look over the edge and enjoy the show standing up. In the Orchestra section the kids were dancing in the aisles and at the front and no one cared. They are really aware that their audience is mostly the 2 to 3 year old set so when they got ready to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star they had all of the kids go back to their seats because the house lights were going to be turned off. And at the end I caved in and bought him the Little Red Car flashing light thing. He was a happy guy and we came home so he could nap before everyone came over for Easter dinner.

The ham turned out really well. Those spiral sliced deals are nice because it’s cut into nice even slices. And then the glaze seeps in between the slices and it looks like it would taste delicious (if I liked ham). The savory bread pudding was really good too. Another one for the “make again” list. It is definitely something to make for an event because it’s huge. It’s made in a 13×9 pan and it fills the whole thing! It’s also not cheap to make.

So my MIL drove home from CA yesterday. She stopped by our house at 8pm on her way home. Now 8pm is Christopher’s bedtime and I don’t have to tell you his reaction when his grandmother (the one he hasn’t seen in 5 weeks) shows up. Especially when she shows up with an Easter basket for him and a bunch of stuff for Sarah. Needless to say he didn’t go to be until 9pm. And he woke up at 5:46am. I was already awake feeding Sarah, but Thomas still had 10 minutes to sleep. He had to get up and take care of Christopher (sorry Honey). My MIL brought a baby swing (it takes up a phenomenal amount of real estate in the living room), 2 boxes plus 2 bags of hand-me-downs, and presents from Thomas’ sister. I have no where to put the clothes. Nor do I need a month’s worth of clothes for an infant. I have a washer and dryer and she can wear the same thing next week that she wore this week. Holy crap …


03/21/08 Spring Break and $19M March 21, 2008

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Now that school is out for the day it is now Spring Break! The boys are off until a week from Tuesday.

I read the SF Chronicle on line and one of the sidebar ads was for premier houses and this is what caught my eye …

Pacific Heights, Japantown, North
8 BR / 11 BA

Damn! There are just some things about SF that I so don’t miss! There was another house that was 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms for a mere $5 million. That’s a million dollars for each bedroom and bathroom set.

Now that Sarah isn’t keeping us up for half the night, Christopher decided to try to do that last night. When he went to bed he said his ear hurt so I gave him some Tylenol. All was well … for a while. At midnight he woke up crying and I was up with him for over an hour trying to comfort him to no avail. Thomas got up shortly after one and after picking him up and walking him around the living room Christopher declared his ear “all better” and went back to bed. I took him to the doctor this morning and as I suspected he has a nasty ear infection. He’ll be on antibiotics for 10 days. Other than a runny nose and the cough he’s had for a week and a half he seems fine. Heck, even with an ear infection he didn’t even have a fever. I’d taken it a couple of times during the week too, so the events of last night were sort of a surprise.

Big local news – Barack Obama is going to be speaking at the UofO tonight. At least someone thinks Eugene is important. He’s doing the Hwy 5 corridor today and tomorrow. He started in Portland this morning and hit Salem this afternoon. Tomorrow he’ll be in Medford. Our primary isn’t until May 20th so I’m nor sure if we’ll make a difference or not. Since McCain is now the Republican candidate, Thomas and I are going to register as Democrats so our vote will mean something. After the primary I am going to change it to Independent. I am disillusioned by both political parties now.


03/20/08 32 months, 6 weeks, and Spring March 20, 2008

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Christopher is 32 months old today so in 4 months he’ll be *3* years old! Wow! Sarah is 6 weeks old today. Man does time fly! She’s so different looking. Julie noticed that she looks like Christopher. I’d been noticing that in the last couple of weeks too. They have the same forehead, eyes, and cheeks. They both have my eye shape. On Christopher it won’t affect him, but Sarah won’t have any eyelid to put make up on. That is the one thing I hate about the shape of my eyes. Oh well, it’ll give her something to complain to her therapist about on how I screwed up her life 🙂

Happy first day of spring!!! Rhonda’s blog explains why it’s today and not tomorrow … thanks Ra! I thought the gal on the news this morning was on drugs saying it was the first day of spring but now I know better.

I am doing Easter this year. I normally let my mother-in-law do the honours but she is in California at the moment. Mom thought about doing it but then realised that she hasn’t had a dinner party in over 10 years and didn’t want to put out that kind of effort. So it is up to me. I bought a spiral sliced ham (yuck) for the meat. I am making savory spinach and artichoke bread pudding that I saw on The Essence of Emeril yesterday for a side dish. And for dessert I am making strawberry shortcake. Mom is bringing candied yams. Why? Because my mother-in-law (the one who won’t be there) loves them. I am thinking of making cookies on Saturday and maybe colouring Easter eggs. I am not sure I want to deal with that sort of mess with Christopher though. If I do Easter eggs then I will probably make deviled eggs for Sunday too.


03/19/08 Will This Blog Entry Get Finished? March 19, 2008

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It seems as if every time I think about writing a blog entry, something happens and I have to go do something else. As a matter of fact, when I clicked “My Blog” Sarah started fussing. Fortunately she calmed down and hopefully went back to sleep.

Sarah will be 6 weeks old tomorrow. Where has the time gone?!? The picture with this entry was taken 4 days ago. She’s wearing an adorable Classic Winnie The Pooh outfit that a co-worker of Thomas’ gave to us. And it’s in pink. Everything we have is pink, except one thing. Pink, pink, pink.

Ok, this is lame, but I just now remembered that Mary called on Sunday and I never called her back. I need to go leave a message on her machine … Well, that’s done. I feel better now.

Big news on the potty front – Christopher has made little bits of pee in his potty. We (Thomas really) is working on getting him to use his potty. I don’t think he’s really ready yet. Thomas is trying to bribe him with a huge cookie to poop in the potty. That cookie is going to get old and stale before it happens. But I applaud all of the baby steps Christopher is making and hopefully he will be using the potty soon.

I made the best dinner on Sunday! We invited some neighbors over for dinner. They’re actually old neighbors of Thomas and the boys. They all lived next door to one another right after they moved up from California. Why it took us a year and a half to invite them over I’ll never know. Anyway the menu was baked london broil topped with sliced lemon, sliced onion, and tomato sauce; asparagus; rosemary potatos; and these awesome lasagna rolls that I saw on Everyday Italian on Food Network. It was all yummy! I have been watching Food TV everyday because it’s something to have on in the background so the house isn’t totally silent and it’s relatively benign. Ooohhh yumm … that show is on now and she just made something sinfully delicious looking from angelfood cake, and chocolately looking whipped macarpone cheese. My favourite show is Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller. Her meals can be prepared in something like 15 minutes and she likes to make one thing and use the leftovers in something else.